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01/15/2007 Archived Entry: "Book signing, Whitby, December 2006"

Signing at Holman's Bookshop in Whitby, December 2006

One of the many advantages in having a book signing session is that an author can meet his or her readers. Without that kind of social contact, many authors have little idea of who their readers are, or why they are prepared to spend considerable sums of money on buying their books.

Another bonus is that some readers are not afraid to let authors know if their work is not up to expectations or contains errors - and those are very useful and highly important lessons!

My signing sessions at Holman's Bookshop in Whitby are especially enjoyable, even if they are somewhat hectic! Many readers have become firm friends of both me and my wife, and with other buyers, and so a signing session at Holman's is really a happy re-union of old friends. There is always an exchange of news, much good humoured banter and lots of books to sign, even some out-of-print titles my readers have managed to unearth from obscure places. One feature is that some of my readers will buy old copies from car boot sales, junk shops and other likely places, and then do swaps with their friends who haven't managed to find one of those rare volumes.

I am always amazed how far some readers travel to be sure of obtaining a signed copy and here I give special mention to a lovely lady from Denmark and a former policeman in the Highlands of Scotland, both of whom regularly make the long trip. There are many others from nearer home - and, let's be honest, it wouldn't be the same without them!

Nicholas Rhea

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