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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am delighted to tell you that my book “Nicholas Postgate - Martyr of the Moors” is now in print. See my books page for an account of how I came to write this and you can also read an interview I did for the Yorkshire Post (Mon 2 July). This book is creating quite a lot of interest both locally and nationally which is very gratifying.

I’ve finished yet another draft of my next book which is a crime novel – working title: “Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey”. The story is about a monastery having problems with security and deciding to set up its own police force – rather like there is at York Minster and Salisbury Cathedral. The Maddleskirk constables are monks from within the monastery and they soon find themselves investigating a murder. I find it much more relaxing to write fiction than factual stuff – I can just sit down at my computer and let my imagination take over.

We’ve had a bit of good news since my last report. Eleanor, our eldest grandchild, has been offered a sports scholarship to a college in the States. As you can imagine she’s very excited and is spending all her spare time preparing for the experience. Among other things she had to queue from 7am outside an office in Newcastle to do the required STAT test and then travel to the American Embassy in London for a visa. She needs cash for air fares and passport so she's taken on several jobs. She does a couple of mornings in a shop, helps with a sports club, coaches young tennis players and strings racquets for friends. When she’s finished all this, she plays competitive tennis and goes to the gym to improve her fitness as she will be expected to play tennis for her American college next year. We’re all very proud of her achievement.

Eleanor’s brother, Angus is also a tennis whizz and has been picked to play for Yorkshire this season. What wonderful sporting opportunities and facilities youngsters have these days.

Our youngest granddaughter, Isabel, was involved in celebrations when the Olympic torch came to York. Twenty-three primary schools took part in competitions on the Knavesmire racecourse and Rhoda went along to support them. Izzy is in her last year at junior school and will join her siblings, Anna and Angus, at secondary school in September. It doesn’t seem any time at all since she was in her buggy - they grow up so quickly. Anna is doing AS levels and her cousin, Oliver, is busy with GCSE’s. It’s all exams these days.

This weekend our Buddhist son, Andrew, celebrates his 50th birthday and he is coming home from his monastery in Northumberland for a family get-together. We had hoped to have it at his favourite childhood picnic place on the moors but the incessant rain has put paid to that. I think it will be a barbeque at home where we can take shelter if we get one of those torrential downpours we’ve had over the past few weeks.

Now I must get back to my monkstables.

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